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Michael Rose
Michael Rose

Global Communication Associates was founded by Michael Rose, a veteran journalist, broadcaster, author and the former Chief of Communications and Publications for Interpol. His unique combination of skills and media experience, along with a worldwide network of contacts developed over the past 25 years, have allowed him to launch a company that can address virtually any communications problem fast and effectively.

In most cases he will initially work directly with clients to understand fully their needs and objectives. He will often produce key project materials himself or, depending on clients' requirements, location and deadlines, will call on any number of specialist associates as needed -- strategists, writers, producers, trainers, designers and technicians he knows personally and trusts fully.

Michael Rose takes a particular interest in communications strategy and materials development for major organizations, in media training for senior officials, and in working with groups that may have special communications or media problems, including aboriginal people, community leaders or journalists in developing nations, and police.


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